Belinda Weaver Shares Her SEO Copywriting Insights

Insights is a new interview series on that features communication professionals across the globe. Each has a specific expertise they are passionate about and excel at. I am pleased to offer my blog as a platform to share their perspectives and insights. Enjoy, and please leave a comment sharing your insights! Belinda Weaver of Copywrite Matters is […]

Small Businesses Can Use Social Media Without Being Salesy or Pushy

My clients include small businesses owners – coaches, wellness counselors and artists. The most common concern they share with me is how to use social media without coming across as too salesy or pushy.

Here’s what I tell my clients. I hope my advice helps you, too. [Continue reading]

How to Aggravate a Social Media Expert in 40 Words or Less

The title could also have been “Blog Posts: Comment Dos and Don’ts,” but that somehow doesn’t get across the situation I found myself in earlier this week.

Here’s my story, along with six tips on what to consider when commenting on blog posts. [Continue reading]

The Voice of Small Business Carries in Social Media

Everyone loves a success story. Especially when broadcast, print and online news seems to focus on the negative.

As a social media consultant and small business owner myself, it’s always a pleasure to come across a great “David vs. Goliath” story, one that proves the voice of small business carries quite far in social media – and beyond.

Here’s the story. [Continue reading]

Remarkablogger Michael Martine: Bitchin’ on Branding, Inspiration and the Ideal Client

It’s barely five minutes into our interview and Michael Martine is already bitching. But I’m not complaining. Because in this short amount of time, he’s already offered up an amazing amount of bitchin’ advice and insights. Of course, this is nothing new for Remarkablogger blogging and coaching clients, but small business owners interested in how to market their services online will want to listen […]