Alison Cummings

Business Writer + Content Marketer + Techie

Hello, I’m Alison Cummings. Businesses rely on my writing and revision services, SEO copywriting expertise and content marketing skills to save time and increase sales.

I’m a business consultant with a unique selling proposition: Communications, marketing and technical expertise. Plus, I’m curious by nature and love expanding my knowledge and abilities.

These skills are extremely valuable assets that I apply to my core services of Business WritingSEO Copywriting and Content Marketing.

My business clients get clarity, process and structure. They also get a talented writer and avid researcher who digs right in to identify the key messages, format and channels to reach their target market.

These businesses appreciate having a one-stop, go-to resource who fulfills their needs, meets their deadlines, and openly shares her knowledge and resources.

Social Media: The cherry on the sundae

Businesses today can’t ignore the influence of social media on their bottom line. Online and offline marketing must be integrated and work together.

Social media is continually evolving. There are a lot of moving parts, which I find challenging and a lot of fun. I like digging into new technologies and making discoveries on how to boost blog performance, design and functionality.

But for most business owners, that’s not so fun. Knowing where to start can be daunting and keeping up with all the changes time-consuming. That’s why businesses like yours hire me.

I really enjoy helping businesses determine how to align their online and offline marketing strategies, and how to use social media marketing to increase sales.

Above all, I love seeing my clients succeed.

Social media is a natural outgrowth and evolution from my communications work in the corporate world. As I learned more about social media, I became excited by the many possibilities open to businesses. After being hired by two clients to build and implement their social media business strategies, I added social media consulting to my services.

I have 20+ years of experience in internal and external communication, working for both large corporations and small businesses. I led the Web site redesign for two global corporations, which included front- and back- end Web site strategy, governance and business-side project management.

Through my Consulting Services, I bring this unique combination of knowledge and expertise to my clients.

And I will do the same for you.