Entrepreneurs: Here’s How to Kick Fear’s Ass Chris Garrett Style

Chris Garrett kicks ass in our podcast interview, part of the Social Media Influencers Podcast Series.

Chris Garrett, online marketing consultant, coach, teacher and all-round Web geek. Chris shares how he kicked fear’s ass in our podcast interview.

Fear has been on Chris Garrett’s mind a lot recently.

A near-death experience last summer left the well-respected online marketing consultant and  coach with what he jokingly refers to as an “awesome, new phobia.”

This coincided with vicious attacks that initially targeted two well-known bloggers, that then extended to other members of the professional blogging community — many his close friends.

In my interview with Chris, he shared how he chose to deal with these situations.

Rather than discouraging him, these challenges only strengthened his resolve to overcome fear and share his new-found resolve to help his friends and the people he coaches.

While Chris would be reluctant to assume such a mantle, this Marvel Comics fan could be seen as a super-hero role model for other entrepreneurs on how to kick fear’s ass.

Interview audio podcast and transcript

You can listen to interview with Chris Garrett now or download the audio podcast for later. An interview transcript is also available.

Sneak Preview

Advice for small businesses and entrepreneurs

Chris Garrett and I also talk about the two sides of fame. And how social media marketing makes it possible for small businesses to compete against today’s Goliaths — which makes it such a great time to be an entrepreneur.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs will appreciate Chris’s advice and candid responses to the following:

  • How to deal with those pesky inner and outer voices
  • The best thing for an entrepreneur to surround him/herself with
  • How to overcome “analysis paralysis”
  • Online marketing and what small businesses are missing
  • The dangers of “silver bullet poisoning”
  • Trends small businesses should be excited about
  • The one news source he counts on daily


Chris Garrett trivia from a quirky questionnaire


We end our interview on a light-hearted note with “Alison’s Proust Questionnaire.”

You will want to listen to learn more about Chris Garrett–an incredibly nice, generous guy.  Here’s why:

  1. He’s fun. Funny. And at times, touching.
  2. You have to hear the part where Chris talks about his “electronic baby.”
  3. At under 7 minutes, you can enjoy with a coffee.

Social Media Influencer Podcast Series

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  1. Thoughtful and insightful stuff. Chris, as usual, brings a unique viewpoint—especially about an fearful topic.

    Thanks Alison!

  2. Hi Mike,

    Good to see that familiar face. ;) Thanks for stopping by. And for your support/advice.