Give the Gift of Social Media: 10 Creative, No-Cost Ideas

Social Media Gift Ideas

Give the gift of Social Media — all it costs is your time.

Strapped for cash? Don’t know what to get the person who has everything? Know someone who is a technophobe but wants to be on Twitter or Facebook? Give the gift of Social Media.

10 Social Media gift card ideas


Here are 10 gift card ideas that require only time, patience and a little imagination, and that are guaranteed to bring good cheer to a family member, friend, colleague or neighbor year-round.

Create a gift certificate that specifies your gift is to:

1. Set up a Twitter account: Include a home-made mini reference booklet on how to use Twitter.

2. Create a Facebook page: From photo and link sharing to comments and invitations, Facebook offers an ideal environment for connecting with family and friends, professional and/or  alumni networks. Be sure to provide information on security and privacy setttings.

3. Customize a photo album on Flickr: Assist in photo selection, categorizing, posting and sharing.

4. Build a Linkedin profile: Even having a basic profile is better than nothing, especially for those in the job market who need to develop their online presence and promote their personal brand. And control of your online brand is crucial.

5. Assemble a My Yahoo! or Google homepage: Include a reference link or a print out of an existing customized hompage with your certificate to illustrate common features like news, stock quotes and weather.

6. Compile choice RSS Feeds: Assemble a list of feeds that would be useful to your recipient, based on interests and hobbies.

8. Help create a blog: You don’t have to be a tech whiz to create a blog. There are plenty of sites from Blogger and WordPress to lesser known special interest sites that provide all the tools to help someone get started. Your support can be as basic as providing linked to online resources and providing feedback and ideas, or if you are experienced and have the time, you can be more involved.

9. Deliver a Social Media tutorial: Depending on your level of expertise and your target audience, the Social Media tutorial could be general or highly focused, be one-on-one or delivered to a group.

10. Give a bank of hours: Not sure what to give? Let your recipient decide.  Borrow from top retailers and create a Social Media gift card redeemable for a specific amount, e.g. “This Social Media gift card is redeemable for 10 hours.”

Social Media is about connecting. And in times of recession, reconnecting with your community — be it personal or professional — becomes even more important. And there are many Social Media networking channels available to do just that, in real time and at minimal cost.

So this holiday season, give the gift of Social Media — all it costs is your time.

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