LeWeb09 Day One: Two Canadians Blog Their Opinions

Le Web Paris 09 logoThe first day of LeWeb09 met with conflicting reactions from two Canadian participants, one an official conference blogger, the other a participant.

With “Real-Time Web” the theme of the soldout December 9-10 conference, the two aptly leveraged social media channels to share their real-time impressions of the speakers and panelists.

The impressive roster of LeWeb09 speakers includes Jack Dorsey, Richard Binhammer, Danah Boyd, Chris Brogan and Robert Scoble. Albeit some may stand out more than others, like Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah and Violet Blue.

Couldn’t make it? “Live from LeWeb”s main stage” offers a streaming video archive.

Tara Hunt, LeWeb09 Official Blogger

Saskatchewan native Tara Hunt, aka “‘Miss Rogue,” is among the 61 official bloggers covering the two-day event.

Recently relocating from California’s Silicon Valley to Montréal, Hunt explains on her blog Horsepigcow.com, that she left to escape the cynicism and cliques associated with that region’s social media circle.

A post on the morning session entitled  Is this LeWeb or Le Clique? set the tone with the opening text in literal strikeout: “I was taught that if I can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. This applies to my official blogger position at LeWeb 09 thus far.”

Evidently, not an encouraging start …

The afternoon session apparently faired better, with Hunt’s post optimistically titled LeWeb: Bright Spots in the Afternoon and reporting, “I’m happy to say that the afternoon of LeWeb picked up and was less of a back-patting fest and more of a focus on the web…even the future of it!”

Among the speakers Hunt praised was Canadian Jennifer Corriero (TakingITGlobal),  who provided the following six social change archetypes during her presentation:

1. The Dreamer – people who think big and imagine a better world.

2. The Megaphone – those who take those dreams and act as wonderful promoters of these ideas.

3. The Spark Plug – highly enthusiastic carriers of that message.

4. The Task Master – people who take those messages and put them into executable plans.

5. The Sherpa – all of those who are happy to pitch in however they can to make the dreams come to bear.

6. The Storyteller – those that spread the word that change is happening (or has happened) far and wide.

In concusion, despite the bright spots, Hunt admitted the jury was still out on LeWeb 09, and that she hoped for better on Day 2.

Damien Lefebvre, LeWeb09 participant

Damien Lefebvre, Executive Vice President of w.illi.am, began his blog post A Day in Paris at LeWeb09 in a decidedly upbeat tone, asserting “I’m truly enjoying myself listening and participating in the discussion at LeWeb09 in Paris this year. There’s a lot of mental energy here and my brain is certainly feeding on it.”

Yet in sharing excerpted quotes (not all ver batim) from conference panelists, Lefebvre made it clear by his response (in italics) that he was not necessarily in total agreement:

“The battle for identity is not over. Myspace ID and Facebook Connect are great tools that are going to have tremendous success down the road” … “Mark my words: Twitter is dead” – Mike Jones, COO, MySpace

(Have I missed something?)

Open Social is not dead but they don’t have that killer app to make it a success….they are going to stay behind the scene without it. – Panelists

“We can’t scale ourselves”… “Community Control is bullshit … the user is in control.”- Chris Pirillo Founder, Lockergnome

(I do agree… mostly… however, the user must be able to remove content!)

“Twitter and Facebook will not be around forever.” – Chris Pirillo

(Of course not; from the Roman Empire to the communist regime….nothing lasts forever.)

“YouTube is not a social network, we leverage social media. “There is no magic formula for revenues… always improve the way to present Ads…Few users have more than 1M$ in revenues.” – Chad Hurley, Co-Founder & CEO, YouTube

There was also talk about whether Youtube will basically become an online movie rental shop. There is no clear answer, but that might very well be the direction they are moving in.

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