Entrepreneurs: Here’s How to Kick Fear’s Ass Chris Garrett Style

Online marketing consultant and coach Chris Garrett shares how a recent near-death experience gave him a whole new perspective on fear – and how to overcome it.

Chris also offers great advice and insights for small businesses and entrepreneurs – and social media consultants like me. [Continue reading]

Social Media Consultants: 5 Reasons You Should Listen (MORE) to Your Clients

Social media consultants remember to listen up! Listen because nothing you say is an important as what you will hear from your clients.

Here’s why. [Continue reading]

Canada’s Digital Economy: Why Care About Research Funding?

With the July 27 launch of the Digital Marketing Survey: 2011 Outlook, Pixel to Product has reached the final stage of its research on the Canadian digital media industry.

The good news: The outcome should help providers of digital marketing services gain insights into brand behaviour.

The bad news: The end of this study likely means the end of the project, due to lack of funding.

I interviewed Lead Researcher Justin Kozuch to learn more about this latest research initiative. And to present a call to action to Canadian businesses — from big to small — to actively support ongoing research efforts.

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How to Partner Social Media With Offline Marketing Strategy

Marketing Technology Consultant Phil Gerbyshak shares how small businesses – and consultants – can learn from the creative ways AJ Bombers partnered social media with an offline marketing strategy.

Plus, advice on giving customers what they want and why not to get hung up on demographics. [Continue reading]

Why Twitter Works for Small Businesses

Marketing Technology Consultant Phil Gerbyshak discusses #TwitterWorks, the book he co-authored with Joe Sorge of AJ Bombers and Scott Baitinger of Streetza Pizza. Phil explains how the three met, and how other small businesses can use Twitter to get the same amazing results.

And to think it all started with offline buzz about tweets coming from a rather conversational, friendly hamburger. [Continue reading]