Why Social Media Challenges Small Business Owners and Consultants

In Part 2 of our four-part series, Marketing Technology Consultant and #TwitterWorks co-author Phil Gerbyshak talks about the challenges of social media for small business owners and social media consultants. [Continue reading]

Canada’s First-Ever Digital Media Workforce Survey: A Digital Call to Arms

How much does a Web developer living in Montréal make? How many visual designers are there in Ottawa? And what’s the connection between job satisfaction and education level?

What is the number of interactive/digital media companies in Canada? Where are they located? Are these businesses growing? What types of skillsets are they looking to acquire in 2011?

Want to know the answers – for the first time ever?

Five days remain for digital media professionals and owners-partners of Canadian interactive/digital media agencies to contribute.

Take this opportunity to contribute. Take the time. Take the survey. [Continue reading]

“Must-have” Qualities to Look for When Hiring Social Media Consultant

Marketing Technology Consultant and #TwitterWorks co-author Phil Gerbyshak identifies the “must-have” qualities small businesses should look for when hiring a social media consultant. [Continue reading]

Blogs: Essential to Startup Businesses?

Social media has leveled the playing field. The Davids of the business world can now compete with the Goliaths, and are actually more nimble in adapting and responding. [Continue reading]

What’s So Scary About Open Leadership? Ask Charlene Li

In my hour-long interview with Charlene Li, we discuss the biggest roadblocks to open leadership, including fear of failure. And why leadership means being able to give up power and lose control.

Li shares her experiences helping skittish leaders adapt to the new relationships and new rules that come with social technology and open leadership. And reveals the tool she uses when she needs to blow open some doors.

Social strategists in the job market will want to know what Li would ask prospective employers, and be interested in her career advice, including what she foresees as the next social media/technology positions that will become key to organizations.

[Continue reading]