Remarkablogger Michael Martine: Bitchin’ on Branding, Inspiration and the Ideal Client

Michael Martine,  Remarkablogger

Listen to a truly bitchin’ podcast with Remarkablogger Michael Martine aka “The Blogging Bearded One.” Part of the Social Media Influencers Podcast Series.

It’s barely five minutes into our interview and Michael Martine is already bitching.

But I’m not complaining.

Because in this short amount of time, he’s already offered up an amazing amount of bitchin’ advice and insights.

Of course, this is nothing new for Remarkablogger blogging and coaching clients, but small business owners interested in how to market their services online will want to listen to what Michael has to say.

Interview audio podcast and transcript

You can listen to my interview with Michael now or download the audio podcast for later. An interview transcript is also available.

Sneak Preview

What Small businesses and entrepreneurs will learn from Michael:

  • The chief oversight made by businesses marketing online
  • Why you don’t want to be a dinosaur in the age of mammals
  • The 3 Ps and why they are so crucial to your business success
  • The difference is between finding your niche market, and putting yourself in a niche
  • How to write for your ideal client
  • The biggest opportunity entrepreneurs should be excited about right now
  • How fear of success can lead to a world of trouble
  • Why “multipotentialites” are more likely to succeed on line and
  • Why great writing and personality win in the end.


Michael responds to  “Alison’s Proust Questionnaire.” Learn who or what inspires him, his greatest extravagance and his biggest pet peeve.

Social Media Influencer Podcast Series

The Michael Martine interview is part of the Social Media Influencers Podcast Series. Did you enjoy the interview? Please leave a comment. Encouragement is much appreciated!

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