TweetDeck, HootSuite, Mixero: Streamline Twitter feeds and more

In a prior article, we looked at how to use Twitter lists. At some point, you may need a more robust means to filter your Tweets, especially if you manage multiple Twitter accounts. Here are three free applications that provide more sophisticated, flexible options.

They work on most desktop operating systems and mobile devices (current exception Blackberry), and will allow you to manage your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

For additional options, see the links section. And if you have experience with these applications or have tips or a tool you would like to recommend, please comment.



TweetDeck beat out and Twitpic to win the 2009 .netaward for “Best API Use,” placed 10th in the Read Right Web Top 10 Products in 2009, and won the Shorty Award for “Best Producer of Short, Real-Time Content.”




– Pop-up notifications

– Geo-tagging of Tweets, map

– Manage multiple Twitter accounts

– Integration/management of existing Twitter lists

– Multi-column view

– Ability to create real-time search columns

– Simul-publish on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Myspace, or selectively publish to subset

– LinkedIn integration

– Record, share, view videoclips; view YouTube videos

– Share and view photos; Flickr, PosterousMobypictureTwitgoo supported

– Preview short URLs

– Requires installation of Adobe Air (free). Desktop: Compatible with Windows, MacOS X, Linux.

Mobile: Compatible with iPhone 3G/3GS, iPod Touch. Blackberry client in the works, according  to a   Feb. 18 TweetDeck blog post.)



HootSuite usually makes the list for the top tools to use when managing multiple Social Media accounts.

Vancouver-based Invoke Media, creator of HootSuite, won Best Use of Social Media in the 2009 Canadian New Media Awards competition. Hootsuite was also a finalist in the 2009 Groundswell Awards sponsored by Forrester Research in the category B2C Talking.


– Manage multiple Twitter accounts, integrate lists, and schedule Tweets for later publishing

– Integration/management of existing Twitter lists

– Simul-publish on multiple social networks via or selectively publish to subset

– Tweet blog posts

– Ability to create profiles, assign to Twitter account(s) and add users as editors

– Workflow

– Multi-column view with tabs

– Ability to create real-time search columns and embeddable columns

– Record, share, view videoclips; view YouTube videos

– Picture  and file upload

– Ability to add links, shortenURLs and track stats via*

– RSS feed

– No official desktop client. Desktop: Mac, PC, Linux compatible. Mobile: iPhone, iPod, Android v1.6+

compatible. (Note disappointed v1.5 users were told a new version was coming.  Latest news posted

today on blog: HootSuite Acquires Android Developer Swift App.)

*Access to stats not available outside tool, but other URL shorteners usable, but not tracked in tool



Mixero sets itself apart from the competition by providing more advanced filtering, notification and tracking options, hence the official slogan: “Reducing the noise.”




– Advanced filtering by group, channel, location

– ActiveList for update notification

– Direct messages displayed as chat

Microchats, creation and participation in moderated chats while in Twitter

– Ability to create groups and integrate with Twitter lists

– Image preview (Twitpic, Flickr, YouTube) directly in timeline

– Conversation bubble to track prior related tweets

– Ability to detach column/window, resize and place on desktop

– Works with Most URL shorteners

– Supports multiple Twitter accounts and Facebook

– Multiple language support

– Requires installation of Adobe Air (free). Desktop: Compatible with Windows, MacOS X, Linux.

Mobile: Compatible with iPhone 3G/3GS, iPod Touch.

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