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Long story short

I understand the challenges busy executives face on their side of the table. My job is to be your greatest ally and right-hand resource. (Photo: Tim Gouw).

You are a busy executive who oversees communications for your organization. Your team is small and struggles to meet an ever-growing workload.

Specifically, you are short on writing talent. You could delegate some of the work internally, but resources are at capacity. Hiring is not practical right now, plus you really want the flexibility to bring in a freelancer.

Some projects are quick-hitters, like editing and proofreading short texts or press releases. Others are longer term and more complex.

What you really need is a copywriter you can trust to step in when needed and get the work done. Ideally, this individual would have corporate communications experience, and be familiar with print and digital media.

Eight years ago, I was that busy professional needing help.

Now I am the go-to freelance copywriter for my clients.

I started my career as a writer/editor. Once I became an executive, my responsibilities changed. I took on projects that involved a lot of writing, but my role was now to hire writers and supervise their work.

Experienced copywriters are hard to find. I know.

Once you find one, hold on tight. (OK, not too tight; creatives do need some breathing room, after all.)

My clients know that I truly understand their needs and pressures. They don’t have hours to spend briefing or coordinating multiple consultants. They want a single person they can delegate work to worry-free.

Clients appreciate my ability to make confusing copy understandable and dry, highly technical subjects engaging. My expertise in communication strategy and branding also add value in my role as their ‘go-to’ copywriter.

These professionals trust me and feel comfortable recommending me to their colleagues—the ultimate compliment.

Above all, I’m here to help my clients and their businesses succeed.

Here’s what three clients have to say about working with me.

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Client testimonials

You find words when I can’t find them, as if you had a magic wand!

You find the perfect tone and style without having to rewrite the whole text–and you flag things (grammar or facts) I might have missed. You know your stuff!

Catherine Coley

Communications Director, Rodeo FX

I have worked with Alison for a number of years over various projects. I have always found her to be extremely professional, smart, action-oriented and very knowledgeable about the subject matter she is working on. I would highly recommend working with her.

Lianne Bridges

Founder, Designing Transformation

Alison has an unwavering eye for the market and knows how to get all your assets lined up and on target.

She also has enormous energy and is very persuasive.

Stephen Schettini

Director, The Naked Monk

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Frequently asked questions

Clients naturally have questions about my work process, with some questions specific to each mandate. I’m big on transparency and clarity. To borrow a familiar quote (tweaked a bit), “A clear understanding makes and keeps relationships solid.”

Don’t see your question(s)on the list? Please use the contact form, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you charge hourly rates or provide project estimates?
Both. I usually charge an hourly rate for small, straight-forward mandates (under 5 hours) and use a blended rate for projects over 5 hours, as these often require a combination of services.
How do we get started?
  1. The  Contact page includes a form with an area to provide  high-level details on your request. Or simply call me at 450.969.3732. My response time is between 24 to 48 hours tops.
  2. Once initial contact is made, I will send you a Project Brief document including the info you provided (via form or phone call), along with additional questions for a deeper dive.
  3. The more complete the brief, the quicker the turnaround on my estimate. If something is unclear, I will e-mail you to ensure minimal delay.
  4. Once a client accepts my estimate, I require a 50% deposit be made, with the balance due on project completion.
  5. We then determine a date and time for a ‘project launch’ call.
  6. Next steps depend on the nature of the project.
  7. At project conclusion, I send clients a short form for feedback and a testimonial.
What if I need other services, like photography or graphic design?

Great question! I maintain a network of professionals with expertise in a wide variety of areas, including:

  • brand and reputation management
  • graphic design
  • photography
  • public relations
  • revision/translation (English<-> French)
  • stakeholder engagement.
Why do you require a 50% deposit before starting a project?

The is a standard ‘best practice’  for business, and protects both the service provider and the client.

As the service provider, I know the client is committed to the project. Unfortunately, there are cases where work completed goes unpaid or the objective was simply to pick a professional’s brain for free advice.

As a client, you are guaranteed the deliverables listed in quote are provided by me at the agreed upon cost and timeline.

A shared agreement promotes transparency and sets the stage for a mutually beneficial working relationship.

How do testimonials work?

Testimonials come at the end of a project and represent the client’s experience working with me.

Testimonials are a great way for me to learn more about my services from their perspective. They also give prospective clients insights into how I work, and if we are a good fit.

Clients have also asked for my feedback and/or recommendation, which I am always happy to provide.

LinkedIn, Google+ and websites are the frequent sources for posting, with Facebook and Twitter great options for short excerpts.

Ask away!

But, just to clarify, I appreciate client feedback at any point during a project.

You are encouraged to ask me questions any time, start to finish. For example, perhaps a step in the process is unclear or you have a question, but don’t know if it should wait until a certain point.

Potential clients are also welcome to ask me questions, and can call me directly at 450.969.3732 or submit questions via my Contact form.

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