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Our working relationship has extended over several mandates at different companies. Alison always delivers a quality product on time and on budget. I truly appreciate her precision and attention to detail. Julie Masse

Consultant, Public Relations and Communications

You find words when I can’t find them, as if you had a magic wand! You find the perfect tone and style without having to rewrite the whole text–and you flag things (grammar or facts) I might have missed. You know your stuff!

Catherine Coley

Communications Director, Rodeo FX

I have had the pleasure of working with Alison who has diligently provided thorough review, editing and formatting expertise that has improved the accessibility and consistency of several technical publications.

Alison’s meticulous attention to detail ensured a diverse and highly technical set of resources became a unified set of documentation that could be readily understood by the intended audience.

I have been impressed by Alison’s ability to understand the requisite subject matter quickly in order to simplify material, reduce redundancy and in so doing support the publication of documents that convey content and objectives as intended.

Stuart Kemp

Deputy Director, Standards & Harmonization. Principal, ADAMS Advancement , World Anti-Doping Agency

In her work with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), Alison has interviewed me for Play True articles, researched and written the Science section of the WADA Annual Report, and acted as an editor on key documentation produced by my department.

Given the nature of WADA’s mandate, accuracy and clarity in our communications are vital. Alison is an experienced writer and editor with the thoroughness and attention to detail we require. She is quick to grasp technical scientific concepts, and always validates her interpretation for accuracy.

WADA has a broad constituency, which means we must provide information to audiences with varying levels of anti-doping expertise. According to the mandate, Alison effectively adapts the organization, structure and writing style to the respective audience, while always ensuring consistency and accuracy of the information.

My team and I have enjoyed working with her.

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Dr. Olivier Rabin

Science Senior Director, World Anti-Doping Agency

We engaged Alison Cummings to help us promote the first Awakening Festival using Social Media. We were a small group of volunteers trying to get a relatively complicated message out to a wide and diverse audience.

Alison dug right in.

First, she familiarized herself with the various sectors our festival would touch, including Green, Spirituality, Art and Music.

She then found the most influential leaders and bloggers for our message. She also helped us set up the social media mechanisms (Twitter, Facebook, Eventful, etc.) to quickly raise awareness and drive registrations.

I have worked with Alison for a number of years over various projects. I have always found her to be extremely professional, smart, action-oriented and very knowledgeable about the subject matter she is working on. I would highly recommend working with her.

Lianne Bridges

Founder, Designing Transformation

Alison has an unwavering eye for the market and knows how to get all your assets lined up and on target.

She also has enormous energy and is very persuasive. She convinced us to restructure our blog twice, helped me make my writing more accessible, gave us the direction I needed on social networking and set my SEO goals on track while teaching me more about search engine ranking than I ever thought there was to know. She’s dynamic, resourceful, intelligent and insightful.

Alison has certainly changed things around here! We now have the direction and confidence we so badly needed.

Stephen Schettini

Director, The Naked Monk

Before meeting Alison we were overwhelmed by the enormous task of creating online presence and connecting to our market.

Alison provided a wealth of information and tools to help us become more organized and move forward with our social networking action plan. Her endless energy and enthusiasm kept us on track and focused.

Today I have a deeper understanding of our goals and more confidence to achieve them.

Caroline Courey

Associate Director, The Naked Monk, Founder of New Way Personal Life Coaching