Through social media marketing, small businesses can gain a lot by simply ‘listening’ to what their target customers are saying online.

Use social media as your powerhouse market research tool

Brand buzz occupies a big part of the social space. Monitoring updates on industry-specific news blogs and social platforms like Twitter LinkedIn, Facebook, and more,  will give you loads of information about trends, needs or concerns, likes and dislikes. All this market research is available to you for free 24/7. Plus new resources are added ongoing.

Business owners can use social media to find studies, reports, blog posts that are free and offer specific information on business trends and target clients. Be strategic by setting up feeds like Google Alerts to have timely developments delivered instantaneously to your inbox.

On a daily basis, you have access to studies, reports, blog posts that can provide you with specific information on your business, industry, target clients.

For example, companies developing products that use artificial intelligence (AI) would be interested in the 2016 survey done by Weber Shandwick and KRC Research, AI-Ready or Not: Artificial Intelligence Here We Come!

The findings include:

  • Millennials (33%) know a lot about AI compared too Gen Xers (15%) and Boomers (6%).
  • Millennials are more likely to own or use an AI-powered product.
  • However, across all segments the understanding of AI is limited to robots.

Clearly education about Al will be a major factor in promoting consumer understanding across the board.

Companies have a great opportunity to share AI news and developments online via websites and social media platforms, with real-time question and answer sessions a great way to generate publicity and interest in their AI-enhanced products and services.

Think of social networks as a huge, free, ever-growing database at your disposal 24/7.

Never has it been so easy or so affordable for small businesses to connect directly with their target markets, colleagues and the media.

Think of the social network as a limitless knowledge base. Ask questions. Get answers. Contribute to the discussion. Be yourself. Make connections.

Do you believe in yourself and what you offer?

Of course you do, or you wouldn’t in business. Make sure your customers know that.

Remember, you are a business owner. If you don’t earn an income, your product/service won’t be available for a customer to buy. Your success is their success. Don’t sabotage your success at their cost. You both lose.

You have a unique voice and brand, whether you know this or not, and these are very powerful, positive social media marketing tools.

If you are true to your voice and brand, then you have built-in detectors that will tell you when you might be veering outside your comfort zone into “salesy,” “pushy” territory.

Trust yourself. Trust your instincts. You will attract customers who share your values.

How do you use social media marketing without feeling too salesy or pushy, please share below! Your experience can help someone else.

Or if you are a small business owner that is feeling uncomfortable or has a question about social media marketing, I’m here to help! If you prefer, you can also contact me.


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